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  • Self Service Check-in Kiosks and Islands

    Multi airline, Bespoke Design, CUSS Kiosk and Island The introduction of CCM’s CUSS Kiosk and CUSS Self Service Island is an extension of CCM’s experience in the Airport Industry over the last 35 Years. Passengers are …
  • Self Service Hybrid Bag Drop

    CCM Technologies Hybrid Self Bag Drop represents more than 35 Years of experience in the Design, Build and Installation of Check-In Counters and Canopies across 100’s of Airports all around the World. The Hybrid Counter concept …
  • Self Service Repack Station

    Self Service Repack Station CCM's Repack Station is the first time that all the necessary features needed to ease the Check-in experience for Passengers is brought together into a single product. Using CCM's Cloud Services, the Repack …
  • Ink QuickTag - Biometric Bag Tag

    Our intuitive biometric self-service unit provides passengers with quick, reliable self check-in and bag tagging functions that make their experience hassle-free.
  • Self Service Cabin Baggage Sizers

    Multi airline, self powered and transportable cabin baggage sizer The introduction of CCM’s automatic, multi-airline, mobile and self-powered cabin baggage sizer is the solution to the challenge of managing Passengers who are paying more attention to …
  • Hybrid Check-in Counter

    INTOS Interior Solutions has developed a hybrid check-in counter that can check-in passengers the traditional way, but can also easily be converted into a self check-in and bag drop. The counter doesn’t take up any …
  • i820 Retrofit Self Bag Drop

    IER-EASIER Self Service Bag Drop solution is designed as a 2-step check-in process, allowing to better balance the passenger flow and ensure consistency of the whole self-service check-in experience, throughout all steps: web check-in online, …
  • Thales Gemalto Intelligent OEM Document Reader AT10Ki

    Thales Gemalto Intelligent OEM Document Reader AT10Ki is designed for self-service kiosks manufacturers that require secure flexible deployment options in addition to demanding environments with direct cloud and mobile connectivity. The intelligent document reader is …
  • Thales Gemalto OEM Document Reader KR9000

    Thales Gemalto OEM Document Reader KR9000 is used to inspect and image travel documents, including electronic travel documents and 1D and 2D barcodes. The reader’s low profile and simple shape make with self-service kiosks, counters …
  • i920, Combining efficiency & Value

    IER-EASIER is introducing i920, its latest self-check-in kiosk, bringing a fresher approach to core functionalities passengers can expect from a self-service kiosk and allowing them to proceed directly to the bag drop positions. This new …
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