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  • Regi-Tech


    Regi-Tech, which has been in R&D activities since 2016, supports the world with its suppliers in the process of returning to the "New Normal". Regi-Tech offers products to all our customers with the underlying R&D power and …


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  • SURFACE DISINFECTION DEVICE - Safety Band - Handrail Cleaner

    Hygiene and equipment maintenance speak volumes about any retail / commercial facility. If properly cared for, escalators convey an air of class and positive association with the facilities overall image, not to mention the benefits …
  • AIR STERILIZATION DEVICE - Safety Air Platinum

    The device vanishes pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in the ambient air by generating negative ion and ozone (O3) It kills viruses, fungi, could and spores in the air pollen, ethylene agents provides a sterilized atmosphere …
  • Fogging Disinfection - SE20 ULV Sprayer

     Our fogging disinfecting service allows for total surface cleaning and sanitisation, cleaning what you cannot see and enabling even difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected and ensuring peace of mind. Our solution is skin and …
  • Sanitising

     A carefully formulated hand sanitising spray, especially useful when there is no water or washing facilities available. Use at home, at work or when travelling to cleanse and freshen hands without soap and water. No …
  • KwickScreen Duo

    Our most flexible product, the Duo is the total privacy solution, allowing you to create a completely private bay in seconds. Combining our flexible and portable products, this is our ultimate privacy partition. The Duo has …
  • Duo Mobile Screen System

    Our most flexible product, the KwickScreen DMS is the total privacy solution. The DMS has a lightweight and open design, comprised of two screens that are attached to a central base with a ridgid central panel …
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