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  • Air Tech Innovations Limited

    Air Cargo Handling Equipment Design, Installation, Integration, Maintenance and Refurbishment

    Air Tech Innovations are leading experts in air cargo handling system design, installation, integration, maintenance and refurbishment. Specialising in manufacturing and installation of large materials handling equipment projects within cargo and airside sectors. Air Tech Innovations …


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  • Slave Pallets

    Increase the flexibility of your operation by utilising Slave Pallets. Slave Pallets allow air cargo to be transported by fork lift truck. Lift-up pallet stops can be raised to prevent cargo falling during movement. Available …
  • Pallet Mover

    Pallet Movers offer an alternative mode of transport for air cargo.  Requiring only basic operator training, the Pallet Mover is a capable workhorse. Battery powered and fully manoeuvrable, a single operator can move loads on …
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