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  • Sanitising portal for easy, complete disinfection of the body.

    A revolutionary way to protect your building against contamination and the spread of illnesses within seconds. Automated disinfection with accurate AI software. Full body disinfection – including clothes and items carried Effective even in high-density …
  • Fogging Disinfection - SE20 ULV Sprayer

    Our fogging disinfecting service allows for total surface cleaning and sanitisation, cleaning what you cannot see and enabling even difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected and ensuring peace of mind. Our solution is skin and …
  • HumanDisBox BASIC

    COMPLETE SOLUTION First module equipment: Sanitizing carpet for shoes; Motion detector; Electric automated equipment Second module equipment : Transparent polyurethane curtains from both sides; Fog generator of continuous heating (1200 W) with 20 l tank for disinfectant …
  • HumanDisBox MINI

    COMPLETE SOLUTION Equipment: Sanitizing polyurethane carpet – antiseptic treated shoe disinfection mat. Dimensions: 50*100*3 cm. Any disinfectant agent intended for these purposes can be used in accordance with the product instructions. Motion detector; Electric automated equipment …
  • HumanDisBox PRO

    COMPLETE SOLUTION First module equipment: Sanitizing polyurethane carpet – antiseptic treated shoe disinfection mat. Dimensions: 50*100*3 cm. Any disinfectant agent intended for these purposes can be used in accordance with the product instructions. Contactless body temperature measuring; …
  • Luggage Disinfection Unit

    It is generally expected that there will be a large increase in passenger traffic at airports and railway stations and other public places. Sani Pass proposes a solution to reduce the transmission of viruses and …
  • Pallet Disinfection Unit

    With the reopening of businesses the international freight volume will increase again and we have come up with a disinfection unit to reduce the distribution of pathogens through palletised goods and packages in air- and …
  • Luggage Cart Disinfection Unit

    It has been noted in several studies that the COVID-19 viral particles can stay viable on inanimate surfaces for up to 3 days. With the increase in worldwide passenger traffic so will the risk of …
  • SANI PASS™ Disinfection Channel

    We offer three different models of Sani Pass. M64 - Unit for small to medium audience traffic. L76 - Unit for heavy audience traffic with a larger bay. T96 - Portable unit …
  • SURFACE DISINFECTION DEVICE - Safety Band - Handrail Cleaner

    Hygiene and equipment maintenance speak volumes about any retail / commercial facility. If properly cared for, escalators convey an air of class and positive association with the facilities overall image, not to mention the benefits …


1-7 of 7 results
  • MOBITRUCK - The HumanDisBox

    Innovative Solutions for Countering COVID-19 Proliferation

  • Regi-Tech


    Regi-Tech, which has been in R&D activities since 2016, supports the world with its suppliers in the process of returning to the "New Normal". Regi-Tech offers products to all our customers with the underlying R&D power and …
  • Sani Pass™

    Full Passenger Disinfection, Luggage Disinfection, Pallet Disinfection, Luggage Cart Disinfection & Body Temperature Monitoring System

    Sani Pass™ – The Evolution In cooperation with a talented group of engineers we have developed Sani Pass, short for Sanitation Passage. Sani Pass is a fully automatic/ touch-free disinfection unit. Features include real time body temperature …
  • Schrader-T+A-Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG

    Aircraft Water Service Units, Aircraft Toilet Service Units and Airport Trainer

    Schrader is a German leading manufacturer for Aircraft Water Service Units and Toilet Service Units. With the innovative design of this Ground Service Equipment we fulfil all qualifications respectively to all standards and customer’s wishes. With about …
  • SHR Limited - MYDIS

    Fogging Disinfection, Sanitising Stations & Hand Sanitising/Surface Disinfection

    - Tested Against Coronavirus by UKAS Accredited Labs* Powerful BACTERICIDE, FUNGICIDE & VIRUCIDE. Effective Sanitising. *Certificate EN 14476:2013 "A pass against EN 14476:2013, EN 14476:2013 + A1 2015, EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019 to either limited spectrum virucidal activity …
  • Darmec Technologies S.r.l.

    GSE: Conveyor Belt Loader/Toilet Service Unit/Potable Water Unit/Passenger Stairs

    Airport Ground Support Equipments: Conveyor Belt Loader / Toilet Service Unit / Potable Water Unit / Passenger Stairs Darmec Technologies S.r.l. deals with the development, and production and a great care of the design of a …
  • Commercial Bird Control

    Bird Proofing Systems and Pest Bird Control for Airports

    Promoting professional standards in bird proofing systems for Airports. Commercial Bird Control (CBC) is a service company specialising in all aspects of pest bird control. As members of the BPCA, over 14 years’ experience and with …
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