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  • Screenworks - The Bumpaa™

    Antiviral & antibacterial face masks, face coverings and accessories

    Screenworks are the UK’s leading supplier of antiviral and antibacterial face masks and face coverings. Our Bumpaa™ branded range of antiviral and antibacterial products are treated with the ViralOff® technology which is proven to effectively …
  • 5log AG

    Face Masks - Self-Disinfecting and with Tested Antiviral Protection

    5log offers biodegradable Face Masks that are TESTED to inactivate 99.9% of COVID-19 and other viruses. 5log is a partner of the Swiss hygiene company Livinguard that has operations in Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan, India and …
  • Sani Pass™

    Full Passenger Disinfection, Luggage Disinfection, Pallet Disinfection, Luggage Cart Disinfection & Body Temperature Monitoring System

    Sani Pass™ – The Evolution In cooperation with a talented group of engineers we have developed Sani Pass, short for Sanitation Passage. Sani Pass is a fully automatic/ touch-free disinfection unit. Features include real time body temperature …


1-7 of 7 results
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