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  • Pallet Disinfection Unit

    With the reopening of businesses the international freight volume will increase again and we have come up with a disinfection unit to reduce the distribution of pathogens through palletised goods and packages in air- and …
  • Luggage Disinfection Unit

    It is generally expected that there will be a large increase in passenger traffic at airports and railway stations and other public places. Sani Pass proposes a solution to reduce the transmission of viruses and …
  • Luggage Cart Disinfection Unit

    It has been noted in several studies that the COVID-19 viral particles can stay viable on inanimate surfaces for up to 3 days. With the increase in worldwide passenger traffic so will the risk of …
  • SANI PASS™ Disinfection Channel

    We offer three different models of Sani Pass. M64 - Unit for small to medium audience traffic. L76 - Unit for heavy audience traffic with a larger bay. T96 - Portable unit …
  • Sanitising portal for easy, complete disinfection of the body.

    A revolutionary way to protect your building against contamination and the spread of illnesses within seconds. Automated disinfection with accurate AI software. Full body disinfection – including clothes and items carried Effective even in high-density …
  • KwickScreen Duo

    Our most flexible product, the Duo is the total privacy solution, allowing you to create a completely private bay in seconds. Combining our flexible and portable products, this is our ultimate privacy partition. The Duo has …
  • Duo Mobile Screen System

    Our most flexible product, the KwickScreen DMS is the total privacy solution. The DMS has a lightweight and open design, comprised of two screens that are attached to a central base with a ridgid central panel …
  • KwickScreen Pro

    Portable, durable and fully enclosed, the KwickScreen Pro is our flagship product. The world’s most portable and flexible room partition, it is perfect for mobile privacy and high-traffic zones. Contained in an anodised aluminum casing, with …


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  • Sani Pass™

    Full Passenger Disinfection, Luggage Disinfection, Pallet Disinfection, Luggage Cart Disinfection & Body Temperature Monitoring System

    Sani Pass™ – The Evolution In cooperation with a talented group of engineers we have developed Sani Pass, short for Sanitation Passage. Sani Pass is a fully automatic/ touch-free disinfection unit. Features include real time body temperature …
  • Darmec Technologies S.r.l.

    GSE: Conveyor Belt Loader/Toilet Service Unit/Potable Water Unit/Passenger Stairs

    Airport Ground Support Equipments: Conveyor Belt Loader / Toilet Service Unit / Potable Water Unit / Passenger Stairs Darmec Technologies S.r.l. deals with the development, and production and a great care of the design of a …
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