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  • Lite Boarding Ramp

    The Aviramp Lite has been developed as a safer and much more cost effective boarding ramp. It can be used on both front and rear doors, servicing aircraft such as DASH, ATR and Saab, in …
  • Domestic Compact Boarding Bridge

    The Aviramp Domestic is a compact boarding ramp for use on small narrow bodied aircraft such as the Q200 through to the BAe146. The patented 7.5/8o gradient slopes provide a streamlined boarding and disembarkation process. Compact …
  • Continental Mobile Boarding Bridge

    The Aviramp Continental is a fully portable remote stand walk through boarding bridge. It is designed for use on medium narrow bodied aircraft and offers a single point of access for all passengers including PRM …
  • Ramp

    The Eagle ramp is designed to provide a smooth traverse from aerobridge to aircraft, particularly when there is a step. It was made for use with Eagle hoists, however airlines are also using them for aisle …

    Appreciating the importance of operational readiness within the air industry, this multi-user system was designed to incorporate wireless duplex communications between the Flight Deck, Ramp and Gate in order to reduce the duration of turnaround …
  • Turbine type Air Start Unit

    The ASU requires high reliability in order to avoid AOG (Aircraft on Ground) in case of failure of an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It must be able, at any time and for any type of …
  • Air Conditioning unit – electrical driven

    GUINAULT have used their historical expertise in cooling systems and military electronic aircraft ground support equipment to design a unique compact Air Conditioing unit for fighter aircraft. GUINAULT claims the LOWEST  TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) …
  • Klosswood MT 230 x 140 x 120

    Universal lifting block – Soft lifting and easy for operator Lift block for – Sissor and four-stroke lifts, single lifts and other types of lifts. Weight: 1,7kg (3.75 lbs) Size: 230 x 140 x 120 (9.1 x 5.5 …
  • Truck-Mounted Shot Blasting System

    THIS MACHINE IS A COMPLETELY SELF-CONTAINED SHOT BLASTER IDEAL TO REGENERATE THE MACRO AND MICRO TEXTURE OF ROAD AND RUNWAY SURFACES. The Blastrac 2-45DTM shot blaster is the workhorse of the horizontal blast cleaning machine equipment …
  • Pneumatic Air Start Unit

    The Guinault Air Start Unit requires high reliability in order to avoid AOG (Aircraft on Ground) in case of failure of an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It must be able, at any time and for …


1-10 of 96 results

    Wireless/Cordless & Wired Communication Ramp Headsets for Ground Handling/Support

    GLOBALSYS is an expert in Airport/Airline Ground Wireless/Cordless and Wired Communication Headset/Solutions. Founded in 1997, GLOBALSYS began developing its activity by creating highly innovative solutions for aircraft ground operations. Starting in 1999, GLOBLAYS was the first in …
  • Aviramp GSE

    Leading Manufacturer of Ground Support Equipment, Specialising in Fully Portable Ramps and Bridges

    Aviramp is a leading manufacturer of ground support equipment, specialising in fully portable ramps and bridges, which have truly revolutionised aviation ground handling. This established suite of ground support equipment comprises the Lite, Domestic, Regional, …
  • TCR International NV

    Airport Ground Support Equipment Solutions

    TCR is an international company who started its activities in 1999. Headquarter's are based in Zaventem – Brussels airport. TCR’s affiliates are established in in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, the …
  • dnata

    Air Services Providers for Ground Handling, Cargo Services, Travel and In-flight Catering

    dnata are the 4th largest combined air services providers for ground handling, cargo services, travel and in-flight catering in the world with over 20,000 employees in 74 airports across the globe. Our ground handling expansion started …
  • Oceania Aviation

    Ground Handling Services & Supply, Maintain & Manufacture Ground Handling Equipment

    Oceania Aviation is an Australian owned Ground Handling Services Company. We provide professional, efficient ground handling services to  leading airlines and supply, maintain & manufacture innovative ground handling equipment. Oceania Aviation first commenced ground handling operations …
  • ewo - the light you have been looking for

    LED Apron Floodlights for High Masts

    For nearly 15 years, we have been focusing on LED floodlighting for large area illumination. We gained invaluable experience as pioneers in the industry-wide conversion to LED airport illumination technology and nowadays, work large scale …
  • Menzies Aviation

    Global Provider of Passenger, Ramp and Cargo Handling Services

    Menzies Aviation is a global provider of passenger, ramp and cargo handling services. We are an independent, time-critical logistics specialist serving the airline industry. Air passengers and cargo shippers deserve the best, and our airline customers …
  • Haycomp Pty Ltd

    Eagle Passenger Lifter – Providing PRM’s a Safer, Respectful & Dignified Transfer from Wheelchair to Aircraft Seat

    For over 17 years Haycomp staff have designed and manufactured high quality patient lifting hoists for use in hospitals and other care institutions. Because of our expertise in mechanical patient handling, Qantas asked Haycomp to design …
  • Vaisala Oyj

    Airport Weather Systems and Software

    Vaisala is a leading supplier of automated airport weather systems and software. Weather affects both the safety and the efficiency of many of the most central functions in airport operations. Having real-time, accurate and reliable …
  • Midstream Lighting

    LED High Power Lighting For High-Mast Apron Application, Obstruction Lights, Portable Solar Lighting, Mobile Tower Lights

    Midstream is a global leader in designing and supplying LED lighting for airport applications, which includes apron lighting, high-mast ramp illumination, illumination of cargo platforms, mobile tower lights, general aviation area lighting, car parks and …


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