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    VCS - Voice Communication Systems for Air Traffic Control

    Frequentis develops and markets communication and information solutions for safety-critical applications. It offers its control centre solutions, products and services world-wide to a broad range of customers acting in various mission-critical fields. Vital cornerstone for all …
  • CS Group

    Voice Communication Systems for ATC Centres

    CS Group is a major systems integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburb of Paris. Our key offers are: Voice Communication Systems ATC Centers and Training simulators Counter-UAV …
  • Rohde & Schwarz

    Communications and security solutions for critical infrastructures

    Based on its long-standing expertise, Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for protecting critical infrastructures, for example at airports. Rohde & Schwarz communications systems contribute to air traffic safety at more than 200 …

    Voice Communication Switching Systems for Air Traffic Control - ATC

    SITTI is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and installing of control systems for air traffic control, with special emphasis on Voice Communication Switching Systems - VCS. These are realized with the latest available and most …
  • Digital Audio AS

    Independent Air Traffic Control Consultancy Services

    Digital Audio AS (Ltd.) has been established by Martin Viktorin (manager) in January 2011 as a follower of company Digital Audio established in 1988. It is an independent consulting company with no ties and obligations to …
  • Ricochet (Jotron AS)

    Recording and Replay Systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

    Ricochet AS was acquired by Jotron AS in 2012, and forms part of the ATC and Coastal Communication Division. The Ricochet Recorder technology is guarded as world-leading for synchronised real-time stream and event recording and …
  • ARTISYS, s.r.o.

    ATM / ATC Systems - Radar & 3D Aerodrome Simulators - Voice Communications Systems - Voice Recorders - ATIS

    ARTISYS supplies ATC, airport and voice communications systems (VCS) products for: Operations Training Design Research. Based on recent technical and operational concepts, this equipment provides high level of built-in intelligence and unique functionality as well as …
  • Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems

    Civil and Military Communication Solutions for Air Traffic Management

    The World Leader in Complete Air Traffic Control Systems. Park Air Systems Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, has been synonymous with ATM communications since 1966. Today, over 60,000 Park Air radios are installed …
  • Núcleo-Amper Group

    Aeronautical Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems

    Núcleo-Amper Group with more than 50 years experience, provides turnkey solutions for Communication and Control projects based in the integration and development of proprietary products and systems destined specifically for the Aeronautic, Security and Defence, …

    BAYANAT AIRPORTS - Leading Airport Company in the Middle East

    BAYANAT AIRPORTS Engineering & Supplies is the leading airport systems integrator in the region, specializing in Air Traffic Control systems, Runway systems and Terminal Systems, and is part of Bayanat Engineering Group, that was established …


1-10 of 12 results
  • CSoIP - CS Voice Communication Systems for ATC centers

    CS is a major systems integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburb of Paris. Our key offers are: - Voice Communication Systems - ATC Centers and Training simulators - Counter-UAV solution …
  • BOREADES - CS counter UAV system to protect critical assets

    CS is a major system integrator, involved in ATM, Defense and Security. Our headquarters are in France, south suburbs of Paris. Our key offers are: - BOREADES : Counter-UAV solution / area surveillance systems - CSoIP : …
  • SIGNUM T 60 - Multi-Protocol Test Equipment

    The SIGNUM T 60 test unit has been designed in partnership with ENAIRE for the analysis and diagnosis of protocols and lines used in communications that take place in the different Air Traffic Control Centres. …
  • ULISES G5000i - VoIP Communications Gateway

    Based on international standards for air traffic control, the ULISES G5000i acts as a bridge between Voice over IP (VoIP) and analogue/digital systems, handling legacy and VoIP radio and telephony units. It is used for …
  • NexLog Voice Recording Systems (VRS)

    Eventide’s NexLog high-reliability Voice Recording Systems (VRS) have been deployed at ATC locations in over 60 countries. NexLog VRS provides voice recording, archival storage & easy access to recordings, and includes redundant power supplies, a …
  • ULISES V5000i VoIP Communications System

    The ULISES V5000i is a VCS designed according to EUROCAE, ED136, ED137 standards providing access to G/A and G/G communications for air traffic controllers in all ATM areas. It is the 5th Generation of a product …
  • Paging Station

    Thanks to our long-time experience in the transportation industry, Simpleway together with the range of our partners is able to continuously identify and solve the problematic areas of providing passenger travel information. Intelligible, customized and …
  • Unified Passenger Information System

    Simpleway’s Unified Passenger Information System works as an integration platform that provides easy content management for operators and administrators as well as real-time data to passengers via audio messages, LCD Displays, LED panels, information booths, …
  • Talking Gate

    The Talking Gate solution is an extremely powerful software tool that can be fully tailored for an individual Airline/Airport, which runs on existing platforms without the need to invest in additional hardware. Used by Airline or …
  • PA Anywhere

    The next generation in audio announcements. Giving you the ability to communicate with everyone including the hard of hearing and visually impaired, in their own language. Keeping everyone informed whilst preserving a peaceful environment. PA Anywhere is …


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