20,000 Litre Aircraft Refuellers Available in 2023

Company Fluid Transfer International Limited
Date 18.11.2022

Fluid Transfer International will have available a number of stock 20,000 Litre Aircraft Refueller mounted onto Scania Low Entry L series 6×2 brand new chassis’ suitable for RHD configuration. This Refueller is available with a Facet Filter Water Separator Vessel fitted, manufactured from Cabon Steel and lined with Epoxy Paint The refueller is equipped with 1 x underwing and 1 x overwing hose, Satam or Isoil single meter and EMR4 or Vega T Electronic Display, the Refueller includes a weatherproof cabinet. The refueller conforms to latest European Standards EN12312-5 and JIG1 Issue 13 requirements.

Operating Temperature of -20°C to +50°C
Dimensions Height: 3.20m +/- 50mm (excluding beacon)
Width: 2.85m
Length: 10.0m
Flow Rates 1,100 LPM Fuelling through 1 x underwing reel hose
300 LPM Fuelling through 1 x overwing reel hose
200 LPM Defuel through 1 x underwing hose
1,500 LPM Bottom Loading
Product Pump Gorman Rupp 03H1 Series Self-priming centrifugal pump (PTO driven)
Filtration Facet Filter water separator vessel meeting the latest requirements of IP1581 and applicable water probe – Carbon Steel Vessel with Epoxy Lining, fitted with high differential pressure shutdown system
Metering Satam ZC17-80 single capsule positive displacement meter with EMR4 Electronic Display.
Hoses Aviation hoses meeting BS EN ISO 1825 type ‘C’
Ø50mm x 20m long Underwing Hose Reel Hose, fitted with protective hose beads Ø38mm x 20m long Overwing Hose Reel Hose
Hose End Pressure Controller Cla-Val or Carter Hose end pressure control (HEPC) couplings equipped with 45psi regulator, vacuum breaker, 100mesh screen.
Refueller Tank 20,000L usable capacity, constructed in aluminium alloy with 3% expansion allowance. Two external Ø500mm manhole/lid with pressure vacuum vent with roll over safety valve and flame trap on vent valve Internal Ø610mm access manholes, Single Ø254mm Bayham contents gauge, Calibrated dipstick in litres, Valenced tank top to protect the handrails and manlids in the event of a roll over
Safety Equipment Rear access ladder, pneumatically actuated folding safety rail and non-slip walkway, Primary and secondary overfill prevention system

Fire extinguisher – 2 x 9kg BC dry powder fitting inside enclosed Container, 3kg fitted in the vehicles cab, spill kit and sample stowage’s

1 x Bonding reels – manual rewind with 30m of clear/Hi-Viz PVC insulated copper cable

ATEX approved electrical barrier system

Interlocks FueltronicTM II refuelling management system incorporating deadman timer and Interlock Monitoring System.

Brake interlock system preventing the vehicle from being moved if any item is left unstowed. Items protected are:

  • Product pump drive mechanism
  • Bottom loading connections
  • Outside source connection
  • Reel hoses (x2) not stowed
  • Bonding reel (x1) not stowed
  • Tank top guard rails

An emergency interlock override system is provided

Pipework Constructed in grade 304L 10s seamed Stainless Steel tubing throughout. All bends are of the smooth radius type. All joints flanged. Small bore pipework and fittings constructed from Stainless Steel.
Hosereel Single pedestal mounted hosereel with double race ball bearings and hydraulic rewind
Product Recovery Tank 55L nominal capacity fully draining tank with visual contents window and low, high and high/high float switch system for automatic emptying and emergency cut off in the event of overfilling. Equipped with a 3.3 litre nominal capacity Visual Check Fuel Sampling (VCFS) assembly and pneumatically operated water detection system.
Chassis Scania Low Entry L Series 6 x 2 chassis configuration.
Cabinet Weather protective cabinet with roller shutter doors encapsulating the fuel system delivery equipment.
FuelTronicTM MKII FueltronicTM MKII vehicle control system, package options are available in Bronze, Silver & Gold.
Isolation Valves Prokosch main isolation / flow control valves
Instrumentation Main control Instrument panel:

  • 100mm diameter pump pressure gauge
  • 100mm diameter pump delivery pressure gauge
  • 100mm diameter venturi fuel sense pressure gauge
  • 100mm diameter air reference pressure gauge
  • 63mm hydraulic system pressure gauge
  • 63mm air system pressure gauge
  • Filter differential pressure gauge equipped with integral test button and high DP switch set at 15 psi
  • Sho Flo Indicator
  • EMR4 electronic metering display
  • Emergency stop button


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