2017 Predictions: An Exciting Year for Airports

Company Rezcomm
Date 12.01.2017

The end of 2016 saw several challenges for the travel industry with a rise in crude oil prices prompting a hike in fuel charges for the first time in two years alongside an increase in employment costs for many airlines. However, as we move into the New Year, airports are looking forward, focusing on advanced technologies to improve passenger experience and meet increasingly complex service expectations. 2016 was awash with technology buzzwords such as Big Data, but what do the latest developments in technology really mean for airports in the year ahead?

Big Data, Big Deal

With much data in the hands of the airlines, airports still have work to do to get up to speed with other industry sectors. Software tools such as Rezcomm’s travel and parking solutions are invaluable in streamlining passenger experience, and in providing an opportunity for data capture. Travel and parking integrate seamlessly into the airport website, offering a straightforward, attracti…

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