2D vs. 3D X-Ray Image Display Study

Company CASRA
Date 23.02.2017

As already announced in the news item of July 21, 2015, a study was conducted in order to investigate the detection performance of screeners with and without experience with 3D images, using both conventional 2D X-ray images and 3D rotatable X-ray images.

Results showed a large transfer of competency from 2D X-ray image analysis to the analysis of rotatable 3D CT images even without training and without experience with 3D images. The analysis of the 3D images however took about four seconds longer, regardless of whether the screeners had previous 3D experience or not. In an upcoming study, the effect of training using an On-Screen-Alarm-Resolution-Protocol (OSARP) will be evaluated in view of the detection performance for 2D and 3D images.


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