3 key takeaways from the British-Irish Airports Expo 2016

Company Rezcomm
Date 17.06.2016

Rezcomm recently got back from the British-Irish Airports Expo 2016 where we gained some new insights into the issues of airport management that are so important to us and our customers. The Expo is all about sharing ideas and expertise to improve efficiency and performance, making it a great opportunity not only to help educate others but learn a few things ourselves.

Below are three key takeways from the expo that have resonated with us. We believe these are essential to take on board for any airport which hasn’t already adopted a CRM system and is looking to increase its revenues.

Affordability vs Understanding

One of the big mistakes airlines make when trying to improve their customers’ experience is thinking that cheaper is better for the masses. While issues of affordability should be taken into account a deeper understanding of the passengers on board a plane will reveal that their journey extends out further than the beginning a…

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