7 Key Trends in Airport Marketing

Company Rezcomm
Date 02.06.2016

RezcomIn the last decade the way airports market themselves and their services to travellers has undergone a huge shift. Advances in technology mean that it’s now possible to build up a much clearer picture of the different demographics passing through an airport and engage with these audiences in more targeted and effective ways.

Rezcomm has been at the forefront of this exciting evolution with its industry-leading business intelligence and e-commerce technology, witnessing and responding to the changes and trends that have occurred as they’ve happened and continue to happen. Below are seven key trends which are shaping airport marketing at the moment, and which will be losing airports money if they’re not being followed.

Airport advocates
Customers are a lot more likely to share their experiences on social media if they have a negative one, it’s much harder to get them to share the positive ones no matter how positive it was.

According to a s…

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