A-CDM and Optimisation of Airport Processes and Terminal Resources

Company INFORM GmbH
Date 01.07.2014

Integrated airport resource management system

GroundStar is an integrated process and resource management system to optimize all planning and deployment activities in ground handling operations at airports. The user is supported in

of staff, equipment and terminal resources such as aircraft positions as well as the accompanying administrative processes.

Some factors cannot be controlled directly by the airlines, airports or ground dispatchers. These include late arrivals, bad weather, altered slots. Nevertheless, ground dispatchers are expected to offer competitive prices and a high level of services, a difficult enough job without „intelligent” system support.

GroundStar is the most comprehensive software solution for ground handling optimization currently on the market. It covers all requirements of airport and airline ground handling with flexible systems. The processes such as contract creation, definition of SLAs, capture of services performed, quality management and settlement of accounts are also part of the system.

The modular design of GroundStar guarantees its adaptation to operational changes and to a growing number of flights.

GroundStar is supplied as a turnkey system and configured to the customer's wishes. Close links with users are kept after start-up through support, training and system maintenance. Concept studies with workshops, data modeling, project management and advisory services on the efficient use of the system are additional elements of the implementation and post-implementation processes.

GroundStar is now in successful use in multiple handling areas at more than 165 airports of every size worldwide:

  • aircraft loading
  • baggage handling and transport
  • cargo transport
  • aircraft cleaning
  • fuelling
  • catering
  • check-in and boarding
  • support services
  • security services
  • ticket sales
  • transit desk and lounges

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Airport Infra Expo & Aviation Expo – International event for airport infrastructure and commercial aviation, which will be held for the fourth year in a row, between September 17th and 19th, at Expo center Norte, São Paulo. The event is idealized and organized by Sator Eventos and should gather 120 exhibitor companies in 2014 and the organizers expectation is to overcome the 4.500 visitors. Simultaneously to the event, there are also seminars and workshops related to airport infrastructure and the aviation industry.