A cost saving approach to your airport planning with AIQ

Company AiQ Consulting Ltd
Date 18.06.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a new world for airports bringing unprecedented challenges and complexities to your entire operation and economics of your airport. A new world requires a new cost-effective approach to airport planning.

AiQ solution is to provide a better, cheaper, faster, scalable, and more flexible planning service than traditional in-house planning. Airports can reduce their headcount and staff costs by outsourcing their strategic and operational needs to our award-winning airport planning and analytical experts.

Our experienced team can provide planning activities across 14 key airport processes:

  1. Health Screening
  2. Check-in
  3. Departure Baggage
  4. Boarding Gates
  5. Emigration
  6. Passenger Security
  7. Departure Lounge
  8. Immigration
  9. Baggage Reclaim
  10. Aircraft Stands
  11. Aircraft Turnaround
  12. GSE
  13. ULD
  14. Runway

Key Capabilities 

Our fast and flexible service supports airport managers at all levels to make complex daily operational and strategic planning decisions created by ever-changing schedules and new health measures. See below our key capabilities.

Airports would benefit from our dedicated world-class airport planners and simulation engineers who will rapidly react to requirements using our in-house modelling airport planning tools known as TransvisonAiR® including our new tool, Airport Recovery Tool, ARTΔ.

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