A-ICE Ground Handling Solutions at the 21st Annual GHI Conference

Company A-ICE
Date 23.10.2019

A-ICE is looking ahead to the 21st Ground Handling International (GHI) Conference held in Amsterdam on 4th – 7th November. The GHI Conference offers some of the best networking opportunities and new business opportunities for airlines, ground handlers, airports and market industry suppliers. A-ICE will be there for the 4-day event and we look forward to catching up with current and new clients and peers.

We’ll be showcasing our latest ground handling solutions to help streamline and unlock vital operational efficiency for airports, airlines and ground handling teams. We provide a fully integrable suite of solutions to help automate and simplify operations and support teams of all sizes with compliance, security and management functionality.

About the GHI Conference 2019

Held in the Rai Exhibition and Conference Centre, on the outskirts of the City, the GHI Conference will enjoy its 21st outing in Amsterdam with a new feature making its debut this year. The GHI Cargo Zone has been designed to offer specialist business advice about the development of passenger-focussed ground handling services through cargo handling with the latest technologies.

The GHI Conference will see how A-ICE’s solutions can help to address some of the biggest challenges in this industry sector, particularly relating to baggage handling and tracking, passenger experience and management. GHIC is one of the world’s premier annual ground handling industry conferences, offering industry access to the latest discussions about issues, developments, technologies and intelligence. It brings together more than 750 aviation professionals from across the world.

One-to-One meetings are a big part of GHI, and around 3000 meetings are arranged over the 4-day event with over 800 delegates and more than 180 airline representatives taking part historically. It’s a successful feature and a valuable chance to network with suppliers and industry decision makers from the global aviation community.

Book your place online at the GHI Conference website here (Book Your Place Here).

About A-ICE’s Ground Handling Solutions

A-ICE works closely with our clients to provide tailored ground handling solutions, developed to streamline ground operations management and give complete visibility throughout the ground process cycle.

With pressure rising across the world’s airports in terms of mandatory compliance, passenger expectation and rising flight passenger traffic, A-ICE understands that ground handling teams need solutions that boost operational efficiency and enhance passenger experience, while simultaneously meeting vital regulatory conditions and providing seamless security.


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