A-ICE - PTE 2020, Stand #Z3.6007, 9th - 11th June 2020

Company A-ICE
Date 03.03.2020

For airport operations to run smoothly in today’s world, it’s vital to have the right software and systems in place.

At A-ICE, we develop, implement and support highly innovative and cost-effective IT solutions across a range of airport operations.

We are specialists in the aviation market, meaning we are able to draw on a wealth of industry experience. We are also specialists in software engineering, meaning we continually invest in research and development to provide airports, airlines, and ground handlers with the technical solutions they need to answer a variety of evolving challenges.

Systems to support 21st Century aviation businesses

Our range of software products provides airlines and airport operators with access to a comprehensive suite of task-specific tools. They have all been designed to be easy-to-use, offering near plug-and-play functionality to reduce start-up time, enhance operational efficiency and minimise costs. Whether deployed individually or integrated into an existing system, we work with clients on a consultative basis, ensuring each solution is customised to their specific requirements.

Constant innovation to achieve new efficiencies

The combination of our approach and our product offering helps clients identify opportunities to implement greater levels of automation while retaining full control of their systems. A good example of this is CLOS (Collaborative Logistics Optimisation System), an intelligent decision-making software developed by A-ICE to automate, accelerate and optimise logistics planning. CLOS incorporates and evaluates variable data inputs to ensure consensus can quickly be reached among work groups, easing the flow at busy civil or military aviation hubs.

A-ICE Solutions

For more information about A-ICE and details on our full range of products, visit www.a-ice.aero.


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