A reliable, quality locking system to secure reliable, quality tools.

Company ABLOY UK
Date 12.04.2021

Beta Tools has partnered with leading security expert Abloy UK to create a quality solution with the aim of giving clients confidence when storing and managing their tools.

The complete Beta Tools cabinet range, including units with roller shutters and pull out draws, is now available with Abloy’s CLIQ. A retrofit option is also available to all existing customers.

For more than 80 years, Italian manufacturer Beta Utensili S.p.A. has built a strong heritage in motor sport and manufacturing with subsidiaries situated across the globe. Beta Utensili are widely known as manufacturer of quality tools and tool cabinets for industries ranging from food production to engineering.

Tool management is an issue for many manufacturers, with significant financial and safety implications if tools aren’t easy to locate and account for at any given time. When scaled up for large sites, this seemingly simple task becomes a real challenge.

Manufacturers also need to identify which member of staff has had access to them via the cabinets, and if they are appropriately qualified to do so. Likewise, the cost of replacing lost or stolen tools can quickly escalate, with no traceability provided by traditional mechanical keys.

Health and safety processes are also crucial in manufacturing, particularly when misplaced tools can risk catastrophic consequences – for example when assembling aircraft engines or while processing food – meaning an additional layer of security can provide efficiency and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Consequently, the UK subsidiary Beta Tools UK Ltd sought a solution for its customers that would use state of the art security technology to combine quick and convenient access to tools with increased user accountability. 

Accountable tool management
CLIQ is an easy-to-use access control system that uses mechanical high-security disc cylinders alongside with highly encrypted electronic locking and identification system. As the CLIQ key provides power to the lock, it does not require batteries or cables, making it suitable for applications on mobile cabinets too.

CLIQ’s integrated OS platform details recent key use and the access granted. For example, audit trail reports can show the last person to have used the tool cabinet and their credentials, improving accountability and safety. Furthermore, this can prevent theft or misplaced tools, resulting in significant long-term financial savings.

In one instance, a well-known food brand purchased 13 Beta Tools units with CLIQ locks and estimated they had saved £13,000 in lost tools in just seven months.

This system of tool management can also contribute towards manufacturers attaining the 5S standards, demonstrating that they are following best practice when it comes to process, safety measures and checks on the shop floor.

Lee Abrahams, Key Account and Project Manager deploying the system, said: “There’s a strong demand for Beta Tools cabinets with CLIQ because our manufacturing customers can see it’s a flexible solution that improves their efficiency, while also reducing the frequency of lost tools. I’ve already seen many instances where the cost savings easily meet the investment of the CLIQ cabinets.

“We’ve had really positive feedback from our customers, including food production, manufacturing and water treatment facilities. In several cases, they’ve already increased their order volume.”

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