Abloy Doors for Transport Hubs

Company ABLOY UK
Date 24.10.2017

Doors tailor-made to your requirements

Abloy design, manufacture and install high-performance steel doors, bespoke to individual project requirements, with the
expertise and resources of the global leader in door opening solutions.

Abloy offer the UK’s leading ranges of proven security doors.

ABLOY provide 4 door sets for Transport Hubs; Glen, Fire, Lagan and Strangford. They are pre-engineered doors designed for
the Transport sector to aid the flow of people as well as providing safety and security where required. They are available in a
variety of specifications to suit all levels of security risk.

Glen, Fire and Lagan doors all incorporate SMARTform technology, where the face skins are connected by a continuous 4 sided
deep pocket interlocking edge lock seam, which adds strength and durability. This increases the security of the door and provides
added protection to people,property, assets, and vehicles.

Abloy security doors are designed and tested to withstand many forms of attack from opportunists to premeditated attempts at
forced entry, to satisfy the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS 1175 Standard up to SR4.

If you would like more information on compliant security solutions please contact Sabrina Bettles, Abloy Door Specialist:
email Sabrina.Bettles@abloy.com or call 07976 744675.


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