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Date 04.01.2010

Markdorf, Germany, December, 17, 2009

AC-B is pleased to announce that the AMHS system for the Russian Centre of Aeronautical Fixed Services (AFS) forming part of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Radio Telecommunication Centre of the Civil Aviation (Radtelcom) in Moscow has successfully passed all conformance test cases for the Basic ATS Message Service as described in the ICAO EUR AMHS Manual. The tested AMHS System was developed by Russian company Monitor Soft.

Conformance tests are indispensable for successful migration to the AMHS standard. Conformance to the communication standard is a prerequisite for interoperability. AMHS is a complex protocol suite and tests must be efficient to keep coordination efforts and communication service costs moderate. Furthermore, during tests it is necessary to visualize AMHS objects that normally do not appear at the user level, such as envelope fields or trace info. There is also a need to enforce fault situations (=negative testing) to verify the stability of an AMHS implementation. Conformance Testing covers the following  main AMHS functional areas:

  • Submission Operations
  • Delivery Operations
  • Transfer Operations
  • Gateway Operations (AMHS to AFTN and AFTN to AMHS)
  • Naming and Addressing
  • Transfer, Delivery and Handling of Non-Delivery Reports

The AMHS Test Suite of AC-B  supports all test scenarios, which are defined in Appendix D of the EUR AMHS Manual (ICAO EUR Doc 020,  Version 4.0, Appendix D). The test cases cover native AMHS communication and AFTN/AMHS conversion in either direction.

Radtelcom selected AC-B GmbH of Markdorf, Germany as its AMHS Conformance Test partner based on their state of the art Test Tool and Test Suite software as well as their extensive experience in the area of AMHS testing.

The result of the Conformance Testing was that the Implementation under Test  successfully passed all the tests cases with the AC-B Test Tool with no exception. Mr. Jürgen Kammerer, Chief Operating Officer at AC-B, complimented Radtelcom and Monitor Soft on the successful completion of the Conformance Tests. Radtelcom  is now ready for  running the Interoperability Testing with AMHS systems of other  communications centres (of the European region).

About AC-B

AC-B maintains the national communication system of the German air navigation service provider DFS and offers services in the area of AMHS like AMHS training and AMHS Conformance Tests. Test tools for automated test execution are available for AMHS, ATS Messaging using FMTP and some other special applications of DFS. The company site is Markdorf, Germany.

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