AC vector drives ULC certified for the Canadian market

Date 15.06.2016

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS AC vector drives up to 90 kW have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.

This is in addition to the existing UL certification for the United States and allows for more efficient drive configuration for the North American market, because the additional line filter that was previously necessary for use in Canada is now no longer required.

Users gain various benefits: cost savings, faster wiring, reduced space requirements, and simplified configuration. NORD offers a highly versatile range of drive electronics for all applications and industries, featuring a series of cabinet AC vector drives for motor outputs up to 160 kW and two decentralized inverter lines for field installation with models up to 22 kW.

The intelligent controllers provide an integrated PLC, scalable functionality, and flexible interface options.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS inverters_usa_canada

Illustration: The versatile NORD AC vector drive portfolio includes products certified for North America – this facilitates application engineering


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