Access Platforms and Suspended Platforms

Company Rostek Oy
Date 07.11.2011

Some 30% of our turnover is CONTRACTING, mainly in Northern Europe.

This means that the paying Clients are Main Contractors and Cladding or Roofing Contractors and we are totally responsible for design, production, installation, testing and commissioning of our Systems. In most cases we also make maintenance contracts with the Client or the Building Maintenance Organisation.

60% of our turnover is sales to overseas DEALERS. In such relationship the Dealer is responsible for the initial design and “solution-solving”. Naturally we help our Dealers with this and have a very close co-operation.

Rostek is in charge of the production design and production and then the Dealer orders the products from us and is doing local installation (mostly including fastening brackets), project management, commissioning and training locally. They are also in charge of final documentation including all manuals etc. in local language and according to local regulations.

We try to give our Dealers best possible help and service and we have heard many times that our quotations are good, clear and our Dealers get this service very quickly.

We also require our Dealers to make Maintenance Contracts with their Clients.

In smaller countries we have one Dealer per country on a “semi-exclusive basis” but in bigger ones we have several Dealers.  Our Biggest Dealer MHE-Demag is the market leader in all South-East Asia and we have a global co-operation with CoxGomyl. Both these companies are very strong with big roof machines in steel  but need the aluminium systems from Rostek to be able to offer complete solutions.


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