Actiu presents its new Actiu Unlimited brand in Chicago, a commitment to innovation and avant-garde design

Company ACTIU
Date 02.07.2019

Actiu goes one step further in its commitment to innovation and design with the launch of the Actiu Unlimited brand at NeoCon (Chicago), an avant – garde project that is going to open up new horizons whose first sample is the Karbon chair, an industrial piece created out of carbon fiber.

Actiu Unlimited was born to create iconic and unmistakable pieces, with innovative materials and processes that contribute to the transformation of spaces and serve as a source of inspiration based on technological differentiation and design. A nonconformist brand that will show off the company’s more pioneering side.

Through the event “Hello Future! Innovations and International Successes made in Spain”, Actiu launched its new brand in front of more than a hundred people and presented the Karbon chair at NeoCon, an industrial design piece and the first product that encompasses the values of Actiu Unlimited. Karbon, recently awarded with a 2019 Red Dot Product Design and designed by the ITEM designworks studio, has generated a great deal of excitement in the US market.

Actiu has showcased its solutions for the first time at NeoCon, the most important gathering for the american market, a show reserved mainly for North American brands that few European brands participate in. “More than 25 years ago, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to make our way into the Latin American market, with which we share their language and culture. Now the time has come to do so with their North American neighbors. This represents a great challenge for us in which we hope to contribute all of our knowledge in designing products with a Mediterranean essence, our efficient production skills, European design and new trends in terms of finishes and materials that turn furniture into a tool for well – being”, explained the Consultant and Brand Reputation Director at Actiu, Soledat Berbegal.

For three days, at The Merchandise Mart building, Actiu has presented all of its furniture proposals for workspaces and contract facilities aimed at the well – being of users. “We have received an incredible response from the professional public, who is eager to learn about European proposals and our solutions for new workspaces.Noom, Talent and especially the Karbon were highly acclaimed by visitors”, she explained.

Karbon combines a timeless design that captivates with its shapes, with impeccable ergonomics that are defined by the chair’s warmth, lightness and functionality. A product that adds the newest value proposal to space, becoming its identifying feature. At the same time, it is a technical piece that combines highly – performance and advanced technological processes with an artisan production process: 45 work days are needed to hand made create just one of these chairs.

“We have succeeded in making this challenge come to fruition by questioning our own limits as a manufacturing company. The result, designed by ITEM designworks, is a project that has paved the way for a new stage at Actiu, with which we challenge ourselves to create products that force us to leave our comfort zone. These products will be framed within the context of “Actiu Unlimited”. Smart technologies integrated in furniture solutions has also been a strong point of Actiu’s presence in Chicago, our proposal was introducing a technological solution based on intelligent IoT sensors that is perfectly integrated into furniture allowing the FM/Business owner to collect data of the workplace as well as information about the wellbeing of the employees.

Karbon, the carbon fibre chair from Actiu, gets a Red Dot Product Design Award for its launch

  • Karbon is an iconic and avant – garde piece of industrial art, created from carbon fibre and the result of combining the most advanced technology with the artisan know – how
  • Its timeless, elegant and avant – garde design transcends the passage of time and generates new interactions and emotional experiences with clients
  • Karbon is a challenge for Actiu, who has stepped outside the comfort zone through the creativity, the innovation and courage to create a product from a material that forces them to reinvent themselves as a company

The 2019 Red Dot Awards, one of the most prestigious international product design awards, have recognised the innovation of the Karbon chair, designed as a piece of industrial art worthy of a museum, whose base is carbon fibre.

The Karbon design reinterprets carbon fibre and it is applied for the first time in furniture, creating an iconic and exclusive object that directly connect s with people’s sensitivity and emotions. It is the result of two years of research, work and intense collaboration between Actiu and designer Javier Cu ñ ado from ITEMDesignworks.

“We wanted to surprise the user through technological innovation and new pro cesses and materials. In this regard, carbon fibre, which is traditionally associated to elite sports and the aerospace industry, has allowed us to create freer and more creative shapes than other raw materials, such as plastic or metal. We had to unlearn everything we knew about conventional processes and their limitations in order to be freer and take advantage of all the possibilities of carbon fibre.”, states Javier Cuñado.

Karbon combines a timeless design that seduces with its forms, with impeccable ergonomics that falls in love with its warmth, lightness and functionality. A product that enhances the value of space, becoming its hallmark.

At the same time, it is a technical piece that combines very advanced technological processes with a handcrafted production: it takes 45 days to create one of these chairs.

“We like to know that we are going forward when we have interesting challenges. Believe in ourselves and be courageous to step outside our daily routine every now and then to step into unknown worlds, is our way to reinvent and get better. Bet on the creativity, the innovation and the internal talent is how we carry these projects. Karbon is a big challenge for us because once we imagine developing a seat that would make us vibrate and dream. With a timeless aesthetics, artistic curves and a material from the aerospace industry, karbon sounds promising. ” Explains Soledat Berbegal.

“To create each of the six parts that form Karbon chairs, layers of carbon fibre impregnated with resin have to be superimposed. Then, in order to achieve millimetric precision, they are placed in a closed steel mould, which must spend three hours in the furnace for the resin to harden and the piece adopts the aesthetics characteristic of the composites. ” , points out the designer.

The pieces are empty inside, what makes the chair weight just 3 kilos, but at the same time very resistant thanks to the qualities of the carbon fibre.

“We wanted to create a cascade of surprises in the user’s first interaction with the chair. Firstly, its sophisticated and exclusive aesthetic, as it shines like metal. Secondly, its touch which, contrary to what it may seem, is tremendously warm and sensual. In third place, its lightness. And in fourth, its solidity and the comfort experienced when sitting on it”, continues Javier Cunado.

Its exclusive, elegant and ingenious design allows Karbon to create angles and silhouettes from a 3D effect frame that captures light and creates a unique visual effect, with a perfectly polished surface that provides new interactions and experiences between chair and user.

These characteristics make Karbon the perfect example of precision joined with a forward – looking. An essential piece for lovers of creativity and exclusivity.

Its designer reinforces this, “its character linked to industrial art, the fact that they are exclusive and numbered pieces and the extreme durability of carbon fibre can turn these chairs into cult and collector’s items, which will remain unchanged over time and where an emotional connection is established ” .

“Karbon is a business project that has forced us to change our innovation concept thinking long – term and giving a momentum or reactivation that guide us to imagine new processes, break the stability and constantly improve. Karbon is just the beginning of a new way to create in Actiu.” Concludes Berbegal.


Actiu, a 2017 National Design Award company in Spain, has been working for 50 years creating furniture. Its flexibility and manufacturing capacity help to develop general fittings projects internationally with solutions that offer well – being to people. It is a specialist in furniture fittings for contract environments, public areas and workspaces. Its founder, Vincent Berbegal, was recognised in 2017 as European Businessman of the Year at the European Business Awards.


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