ADB SAFEGATE enhances visual docking guidance system to help eliminate gate congestion and increase capacity

Date 26.10.2017

The world’s leading provider of advanced visual guidance docking systems fortifies its leadership position with a series of new functions shortening aircraft turnaround times and improving apron and gate safety

ADB SAFEGATE is adding advanced new features to its Safedock visual docking guidance system. The enhanced system will help airports increase the number of aircraft their existing gates can process.

Gate delays will be further reduced by enhanced monitoring and measuring of the turnaround process; keeping gates free of unauthorized vehicles; tracking and communicating the precise position of aircraft at the gate during arrival and on pushback; and through more powerful data logging of the docking and departure process. Safedock can be more easily integrated with other airport systems, such as surveillance and monitoring, to improve operational efficiency, situational awareness and apron safety.

The enhanced Safedock system will be shown at inter airport Europe 2017 (Munich, 10-13 October) on ADB SAFEGATE’s stand (1420, Hall A5).

The new functions will further help to cement ADB SAFEGATE’s Safedock as the leading advanced docking guidance system (A-VDGS). By the end of the year more than 8,000 Safedock systems will be installed worldwide, performing some 15 million aircraft dockings per year.

“Rising air traffic is creating gate congestion daily. Instead of tackling the shortage of gates by building new ones, which is costly and time-consuming, many airports can meet demand by more efficiently allocating gates and shortening aircraft turnaround time. The new, advanced capabilities of Safedock will not only raise airport and airline performance, but also improve safety – that’s important because 80% of airport accidents occur in the gate and apron area,” says Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB SAFEGATE.

The new Safedock capabilities create more predictable aircraft turnaround times. The new capabilities include:

  • Turn manager feature – this turn activity tracking tool in the Safedock wireless operator panel enables airports, ground handling agents and airlines to measure turnaround Delays can be quickly and accurately predicted to update the aircraft’s target off block time (TOBT), a key turnaround parameter. Data is presented in an analytics tool, ADB SAFEGATE A-Lytics, to allow airports to track and update Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) milestones.
  • Tight integration with other airport systems. Safedock’s 3D laser scanning can be integrated with the airport’s Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) to significantly improve the accuracy of measured aircraft position close to the terminal building, compared to conventional airport surveillance systems. A-SMGCS integration can also include ‘just-in-time’ activation of the Safedock based on the aircraft position, making it clearer to the pilot which gate to enter and identifying unauthorized vehicles that could block the gate.
  • Approach error feature – helps to reduce pilot error that can compromise wing clearance The feature guides pilots to the right centerline at a multiple centerline gate and to approach the centerline accurately to avoid parking at an incorrect angle.
  • Enhanced Safedock log tool – provides a simultaneous view of text logs, video and display mirroring in the log viewer. This supports better and easier investigations and troubleshooting of incidents.

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