ADB SAFEGATE - January Newsletter

Date 31.01.2017

This year promises to be a very interesting one – aviation is headed toward all-time records in terms of movements and passenger traffic, and thus complexity and congestion as well. As the industry’s challenges continue to increase, we must look for new approaches, other kinds of solutions that keep the need for efficiency improvements on all levels in mind. At ADB SAFEGATE we are very well aware of these challenges. While running several turnkey projects around the world, our research focuses heavily on finding the right answers for solutions that increase capacity and efficiency at the Gate, on the Airfield and in the Tower.

The outcome of our research should be in finding new solutions that support an ever increasing complexity and offer a higher degree of operational efficiency to deal with the strong growth in number of movements. You can learn more about our solutions in this edition of our newsletter and at some of our upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you soon to discuss how we can be of help.

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