Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Company HAECO Americas
Date 05.05.2015

HAECO Cabin Solutions (“HCS”), a division of HAECO Americas and a business unit within the HAECO Group, announced  today that it is celebrating its 20th year as an FAA-approved provider with Organisation Designation Authorisation (ODA), including the ODA’s preceding authority, Designated Alteration Station (DAS).

Holding an ODA allows HCS to issue both design and manufacturing approvals for interiors projects and products for customers, optimising the time and steps between prototype testing and production or installation. The FAA ODA system ensures aviation safety through enhanced certification management and oversight of delegated organisations like HCS.

HCS first received DAS authority in 1995, which the FAA renamed and transitioned to ODA in 2009. The company has developed more than 300 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) supplements under its ODA on projects including passenger-to-freighter conversions, crew rest installations, avionics upgrades, in-flight entertainment installations and complete aircraft interior reconfigurations.

Jose Pevida, HAECO Cabin Solutions’ Vice President of Engineering, said, “Our ODA allows us to deliver unique, valuable benefits to our customers. Coupled with our comprehensive, on site testing and substantiation facilities, we can deliver complex projects more quickly and provide our customers  flexibility in meeting their project timelines.” He added, “Over the past 20 years as an ODA and DAS holder, I believe we have earned the confidence of regulatory authorities like the FAA and EASA, and we have delighted airline customers with high quality based on a standard of safety embraced by our whole team.”

HCS certifies all major aircraft systems and compliance for modification programmes related to structures, avionics, electrical and mechanical systems, interior substantiation including flammability, continued airworthiness documentation and fatigue and damage tolerance. In addition to its FAA ODA, HCS also has extensive experience working with multiple civil aviation authorities around the world achieving regulatory approval for aircraft modification programmes.


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