Airport and Air Traffic Management Systems

Company delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH
Date 08.02.2010

Braunschweig, Germany, January 2010 – As in recent years delair Air Traffic
Systems GmbH will exhibit its product suite at the ATC Global 2010. The premier
ATM/ATC Exhibition and Conference which celebrates its 20th year takes place
from 9th to 11th March 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The delair air traffic management solutions with the Advanced Collaborative
Decision Making (A-CDM) product suite will be presented at stand H417.  
A-CDM product suite

The delair planning components which are based on the A-CDM product suite
have been extended and improved continuously. At the ATC Global 2010 the
arrival and departure manager “darts4D“ with its proven CFMU interface for DPI
and FUM exchange will be demonstrated as well as the innovative electronic
flight strip system (EFSS) “focus” and the brand new airport performance and
monitoring system (APMS) “arosa”.

“arosa” considers the complete turn-around process including arrival and
departure in order to guarantee an optimal use of the total capacity. Basically,
“arosa” consists of two components. “arosa capman” provides quantitative values
about the airport capacity, demand, punctuality and proposals for the operative
concept. “arosa ataman” analyses the phases of the air-to-air process and
determines and synchronises target times.

Due to the immediate analysis and control of ground movements arosa provides
an always up-to-date evaluation and, thus, enables an optimum use of airport

Air traffic and airport process management

Due to traffic growth on one side and environmental protection on the other side,
powerful solutions to manage air traffic procedures are required. Most efficient
software systems optimise the use of existing physical resources of an airport by  
a precise planning of arrival and departure traffic and by an optimum allocation
of resources. Considering all relevant data like flight plans, radar and weather
data etc. optimum sequences and times of arrivals and departures are provided
to the controllers in order to enable them to concentrate on safe air traffic
control. This results in a harmonic traffic flow with less holding patterns, shorter
taxi times, improved capacities and reduced fuel consumption. Thus, all airport
stakeholders and residents will profit from these planning systems.

About delair:

delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH was founded in 1997 at the research airport
Braunschweig. delair develops systems to optimise processes of air traffic
control, airport operators, airlines, and handling agents. The products of delair
are in operation at the International Airports Zurich, Frankfurt and Vienna where
they are clearly reducing costs and improving airport processes.
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