Airport and Ground Handling Resource Management Systems

Company INFORM GmbH
Date 07.11.2011

INFORM is pleased to announce the opening in Atlanta, Georgia of the North American headquarters of their Aviation Division. With their GroundStar™ airport resource management system in use at over twenty airports in Canada, Mexico and the USA, the new office will enable the company to better serve its customers including Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Menzies, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Swissport USA.

Atlanta was chosen for its favorable business environment and extensive direct flights to USA and European cities. An opening celebration was held October 26 at the new offices at 1447 Peachtree St NE, Ste 370, Atlanta, Georgia 30309.

INFORM employs more than 400 software engineers and consultants at its headquarters in Aachen and Frankfurt, Germany, and field offices in Europe, Asia and the US.  Nationals from over 30 countries create a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, global environment for the company's business.
INFORM specializes in solutions that, unlike software that merely manages data, actually 'think' and make intelligent planning and scheduling decisions in real time. The software is based on scientifically substantiated, mathematical optimization algorithms derived from fuzzy logic and operations research, which are adapted to each operational area. The intelligent decision-making software optimizes business processes in transportation, logistics, production, inventory, and staff management as well as efficient fraud prevention in the banking and insurance sector.

INFORM currently serves numerous customers all over the world, including airlines, airports and ground handling companies, manufacturing, banking & insurance, as well as companies offering transportation and logistics hubs.  GroundStar™ is a suite of software applications for the intelligent support of ground handling operations and airport processes. It is an industry-proven, standard system with the flexibility to efficiently adapt to individual customer's needs.