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Company AirMark by Ennis-Flint
Date 20.05.2013

Ennis-Flint, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of pavement markings, announced today the acquisition of Integrated Paving Concepts’ (“IPC”) unique equipment manufacturing business. IPC’s globally recognized StreetHeat® brand of asphalt reheating equipment combined with its StreetPrint® process augments Ennis-Flint’s ability to provide outstanding solutions for traffic calming and decorative pavement markings.

Steve Vetter, CEO and President, said: “With Ennis-Flint’s legacy of providing superior pavement marking products and unmatched service to the Traffic Safety market, we believe that this acquisition will bolster Ennis-Flint’s capability to meet the growing Complete Streets demand from engineers, architects, and contractors who build streetscapes for livable communities and dynamic commercial properties. These partnerships allow Ennis-Flint to contribute to the safety, traffic calming, and appearance aspects of a shared roadway system.”

Headquartered in Thomasville, North Carolina, Ennis-Flint manufactures and distributes a complete line of pavement marking products that are manufactured and sold around the world. Ennis-Flint offers pavement markings for use on streets and highways, crosswalks, intersections, parking areas, and airports. From lines, legends, and arrows to traffic calming crosswalks and detectable warnings, Ennis-Flint’s products help motorists, cyclists, pilots, and pedestrians move in the right direction…safely.


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