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Company Boon Edam International BV
Date 16.11.2010

In the September issue of the Dutch entrepreneurs magazine, Sprout, Boon Edam Chairman, Mr. Niels Huber, is interviewed about his views on corporate responsibility and looking at the entire supply chain.

Corporate responsibility and thinking green have become popular concepts during the last decades, but one ‘green’ product has been around for over 100 years. The revolving door is always open to visitors, but remains permanently closed to the weather outside, saving energy that would otherwise be used on heating or cooling a building. However this ‘always open, always closed’ concept is not widely known by the general public says Mr. Niels Huber: “If you ask people: Why would you choose a hole in the façade of your building over a revolving door, they look at you strangely”.

“Being green is often used as a marketing trick”, Mr. Huber continues. “Make your product green and people will think it is better for the environment. But in many instances that isn’t the case. Many products sold today may be greener than ever, but their manufacturing and recycling processes are much more damaging to the environment.” In the manufacturing process of revolving doors, Mr. Huber also sees room for improvement: “I think we need to look at the entire supply chain, look at the materials we use… but for that we are largely dependent on the developments at our suppliers. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by 10% every year.”

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