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Company Gunnebo
Date 14.12.2010


Fredrik Östman has been appointed the new CFO and CIO for Gunnebo Security Group. He succeeds Hans af Sillén, who will take on other assignments outside the group. Fredrik Östman took up the position as of November 15, 2010.


”Over the past five years, Hans af Sillén has played an important role within the Group and the changes that it has gone through. Among other things he has had an important part in the implementation of a new IT-infrastructure and the development of a new financial reporting system for the Group”, says Per Borgvall, President and CEO Gunnebo AB.

“I would like to express my biggest gratitude to Hans of Sillén for work well performed and at the same time welcome Fredrik Östman and wish him great success in his new role as CFO and CIO for the Gunnebo Security Group”.
Fredrik Östman (44), MBA, has since 2008 held the position as CFO at Gambro AB. Before that he had senior management positions within the Electrolux/Husqvarna Group, e.g. CFO and SVP for Husqvarna in North America and prior to this at TI Group Plc/Forsheda and ABB.
Fredrik Östman will be a member of Gunnebo’s Group executive team.

Per Borgvall
President & CEO

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