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Company CU Phosco Lighting
Date 29.11.2010

View from Cumberland Basin towards Clifton Suspension Bridge in Daylight.

View from Clifton Suspension Bridge across the Cumberland Basin.

Project Title: High Mast Replacement Phases 1 and 2

Project Location: Cumberland Basin and Brunel Way Bristol

Client: Bristol City Council

Sales Engineer: Matt Murray

Consultant: Bristol City Council

Main Contractor: CU Phosco Lighting Services

Mast Used:    HMA9251                         Qty Used: Phase 1 23 no and Phase 2 22 no

Luminaries Used:  P655 400W              Qty Used: Phase 1 92 no and Phase 2 88 no

Project Objective:

Bristol City Council required a need to remove the existing high mast system that was over 40 years old and replace with new 25m high masts and new lanterns utilising the existing foundation assemblies. The main objective was to complete the project in the shortest period of time possible, to reduce the disruption to the traffic flow in an area of large traffic volumes at peak times. Minimum noise and disruption in a residential area near to and surrounding the site was essential.


Lighting Design was undertaken by a qualified CU Phosco Lighting design engineer and submitted for approval by the client, Bristol City Council. The Masts were designed with bespoke flanges to fit the existing foundation stud assemblies, after testing proved that the existing bases were satisfactory for re-use. CU Lighting manufactured the masts at its Westgate High mast manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire. The mast sections were delivered to the predetermined pre-assembly yard close to site in Bristol.

The masts were assembled in this yard by the CU Lighting installation team. The installation of all the masts took place during off-peak traffic times to enable minimal disruption to the city’s busy traffic flow.
The masts were loaded onto an extendable trailer each night and taken from the assembly yard to the specific location for each mast.

CU Lighting had to undertake careful planning of the Traffic Management to cause minimal disruption to the traffic flow yet maintain safe working zones for the CU Services installation team and the public.

Once each mast had been removed it was immediately replaced by the NEW mast. The public of Bristol would only have known the NEW masts were in place due to the quality of lighting improvements, as there was no mess or traffic Management left out during the day. The old masts were then uplifted from site and sent to a steel recycle centre. The Two installation phases of this project took 4 nights per phase.

Customers Comments: Steve Thomas – Lighting Engineer – Bristol City Council

When we originally looked into planning this project the department was a little concerned about the size of the project and the logistical problems that may be involved with a project like this.

However, these concerns were quickly eradicated after our initial Pre contract award meeting with C U Phosco. Bob & His team visited us at Bristol and reassured us that CU Phosco carry out contracts like this regularly.

It was obvious from our initial meetings with Phosco that their team were very experienced and organised and therefore quickly removed any concerns we had regarding the installation. The information supplied at our contract meeting was excellent and easy to follow, enabling the preparation of Health & Safety plans and works programmes very easy.

The Council was kept informed at every stage of the project, when the mast had been manufactured, installation dates etc, which made it very easy to arrange the road closures and arrange public consultations.

When it came to the installation stage we attended site to watch the installation and were astounded by the organisation and the methodical planning that must have been put into the project. Every operative knew exactly what to do and where to go next.

At contract completion we were extremely pleased with the manner in which the installation had been carried out, not only was it a very well organised and smooth operation, but the contract was finished a day early, saving the Council money and causing less disruption.

The actual masts and luminaires are excellent; the lighting levels in the Cumberland Basin area are now the best in the City and as a overall package CU Phosco have performed well above all expectations.

A big thank you to Bob and your team it was a pleasure working alongside you and we hope to work together in the future.


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