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Company Armstrong Metalldecken AG
Date 22.12.2010

Transport – Harmony from top to bottom
Barcelona Airport – Terminal A Extension
Barcelona, Spain

The construction for this extension was started at the beginning of 2002; the heart of the building is a rhombus-shaped building with departure gates in the upper floor and a floor area of just under 6000 m2. The arrival gates are located in the lower floor as well as the baggage reclaim area. Unusual and exciting about this building is its shape: take a cylinder and cut a rhombus out of the floor-plan: this result in the shape of the building.
The metal ceiling is made from rectangular panels of our R-H 200 system. The panels are not curved but, nonetheless, form an arch reaching up to 2.80 m in height from the lowest point in the corner to the highest point at the centre. The effect of the ceiling is very harmonious because hardly any fixturing is present and practically no additional elements had to be integrated into the ceiling. Illumination is provided by continuous strip lighting which is the same width as a panel. The building conveys a bright and friendly atmosphere which makes the wait very relaxing before boarding a flight. The main criteria of this construction were: speed, simplicity, comfort, and functionality.


Bofill Arquitectura,
Sant Just Desvern, España
Datisa, Barcelona
13500 m2
Rectangular panels R-H 200 system
October 2002 to July 2003


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