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Date 01.12.2010

AlphaCom XE
Next Generation Intercom Server puts you at the cutting edge
When the AlphaCom E was released in 2006, it set new standards for Intercom worldwide. The evolution of the AlphaCom platform, the E range, set a trend for a more software centric approach that allowed for more services to be provided with less physical hardware, whilst retaining backwards compatibility for all existing AlphaCom hardware and services.

In 2010, this cycle is repeated again with the introduction of the AlphaCom XE Intercom Server. Improving on the revolutional AMC-10 Processor Card, the AMC-11 features more memory and a SIMcard based recovery system for instant use of spares and reduction of downtime in accordance with 99.999% uptime. All the familiar exchanges return, with a sleek new design and colour, so your choice of 7, 20 or 26 line cards is available.

For those who are implementing a true IP solution, you need look no further then the new AlphaCom XE1, a 1RU, energy efficient server capable of 2 – 552 intelligent endpoints. All in all, as our competitors release more and more hardware cards, finally move out of the dark ages of 4 digit dialling but cling to a ‘sort of’ IP solution, STENTOFON continues to lead the way with effective hardware, simple software upgrades, leading feature set, true IP all over and the quality that comes with over 60 years of experience in the market.

AlphaCom XE Server Range

An overview of your next AlphaCom
The AlphaCom range has always had an exchange to suit your project, whether it was a small system using an AlphaCom M or E7, or a large system with 4 AlphaCom 138 or E26 systems in Multi-Module mode. This modular concept continues with the AlphaCom XE.

Introducing the range;

  • AlphaCom XE1. 1RU based server with support for between 2 and 552 IP Stations
  • AlphaCom XE7. 3RU based server with support for 36 Traditional and up to 552 IP Stations
  • AlphaCom XE20. 6RU based server with support for 102 Traditional and up to 552 IP Stations
  • AlphaCom XE26. Rack or Floor mount server with support for 136 Traditional and up to 552 IP stations and redundant power supplies.

As with AlphaCom’s past, networking of systems to increase capacity or cover large distances is available as the AlphaNet. This provides transparent access to features across networks and has been improved in AMC-11 to remove the network limit of 254 nodes. Now there is no limit to how many AlphaCom XE servers may be in a network.

Backwards compatibility is retained in the new AlphaCom XE server, and all existing AlphaCom exchanges may be upgraded to take full use of the new features. New features will be discussed in future newsletters, so keep posted.


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