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Company topsystem Systemhaus GmbH
Date 20.11.2015
Success lies in the details

It is not unusual that new optimization potentials become apparent during the implementation of software solutions for our customers which have not been in the original scope of requirements. In such cases it shows how fruitful a constant and open dialogue with the customer can be. Often such situations result in the development of additional tools for exhausting all potential benefits. At best, these customized solutions can even be added to the standard product.

In a software project with one of topsystem’s long-standing customers, SAIT Airport IT GmbH, who consult Dusseldorf Airport in IT matters, the original topic was the installation of a mobile app for capturing data regarding crew transport services. In this project, vehicles of the airport’s ground handling subsidiary FDGHG were equipped with tablet computers allowing to easily record tour data like, for example, start and end time of the drive, number of transported passengers etc. With a direct online connection the central data management serving the complete IT environment, information about the transportation services can be immediately forwarded and are available without the need of tedious manual data transfer. This availability of reliable data now also allows this service branch to have all rendered services immediately, correctly and without need of any paperwork available for invoicing.

During the analysis of further processes in the AOC, a common committee by airlines, airport and ground handlers, it became obvious that additional optimization potential could be found regarding flights departing from outer positions on the apron. The passenger bus orders were still issued by phone from the gate desk. It became quickly apparent that a streamlining of the related processes could be easily achieved with a small online software tool at the date desk computer.

After a brief analysis and specification phase a suitable software was implemented. Now, a simple mouse click triggers the order for the first passenger bus for a corresponding flight, and the request becomes immediately visible on the dispatcher’s monitor. With the digital forwarding of the order via the connected disposition system even the drivers are now directly integrated in the process with a vehicle-mounted terminal. Naturally, this online connection also allows to return information. Thus, an acceptance confirmation for the bus order issued by the driver is immediately visible at the gate desk terminal as are other status messages like, for example, “bus on its way” and “bus at the gate”.

With this relatively small system expansion featuring the right online components at the right place, airlines now have a direct control over the firs bus order. In addition to this, less disruptive phone calls are necessary and time stamps are automatically documented to track and evaluate the related processes.


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