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Company Casper Sustainable Aero Solutions
Date 12.06.2015

Last January a new community engagement website ( was launched by Vienna International Airport. The website is powered by Casper’s Noise Lab product.

The website provides local residents with a lot of information about the airport’s operations as well as about noise monitoring results. Casper Noise Lab is the solution that enables this very interactive noise portal for Vienna International Airport, enhancing community communication.

The portal provides relevant news and statistics. Tracks on a map enable people to further investigate flights, flight routes and tracks, runway use and routes used. A map with active mobile noise monitors displays mobile monitor sites and results. Filters and charts provide the possibility to drill down into one specific day.

Since the launch of the new website it has proven to be very popular. A lot of people use the website on a regular base to find out information on flight tracks and noise. 

“The website represents the latest state of the art, is very user-friendly and clearly arranged. For us it has a great flexibility to put in all relevant and actual information”, according to Christian Röhrer, Head Environmental Management at Vienna International Airport. “Further, we are very satisfied with the cooperation and the professional support provided by Casper.”


Check out this new Casper Noise Lab website at


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