Airport Optical and Acoustical Warning Systems

Company Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH
Date 28.05.2013

Special forces and especially civil police verhicles require a quick response and high warning effect on an easy-to-operate beacon.

Because of its reduced size and weight, compared to its predecessor, the new MOVIA-SlimLine LED is much easier to handle even while driving.


  • Multiple mounting options allow an ideal installation for any customer`s needs
  • Optimized warning effect due to the usage of innovative lenses
  • Simplified storage due to the socket´s reduced diameter
  • Easy handling due to its low weight ans compact body
  • Low power input due to LED-technology
  • Extra thin spiral cable ( ø 4,0 mm) in order to preserve the door seal and to reduce wind noise
  • Tensile strength of the cable is improved by the imtegration of a Kevlar fibre

The MOVIA-SL LED is available with multiple options

  • The beacon is available as 2-level-lamp with day-night-switch
  • It is also available s bicolour lamp, so the warning signal can be switched from blue to amber
  • Connection by special vehicle plug, universal plug or metal elbow plug


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