Airport Passenger and Ground Handling Automation Solutions

Company Damarel Systems International Limited
Date 16.12.2013

Damarel’s Embark Automated Passenger Boarding System fully supports Self Boarding Gates, enabling the latest airport technology and enhancing the passenger experience.

The recent drive toward passenger self-service has been a great success story for the aviation industry. The latest technology for check-in and bag drops has been a big hit with passengers, who love the convenience, and a real benefit to airlines and airports looking to maximise resources and reduce costs. The technology has been a win-win for all concerned.

Always at the forefront of aviation IT, Damarel is excited to announce that our popular Embark Automated Passenger Boarding  System now includes full support for the latest airport innovation – Self Boarding Gates (SBG). Embark will seamlessly enable use of SBGs without requiring any modifications to the airline DCS – something that has previously been holding back full adoption and use of this new technology.

By adopting Embark, airlines and airports can operate the SBG in full unattended mode for total self-service, making best use of the investment made in IT and reducing staff overheads at the gate. ANA and Air China will be among the first airlines to benefit from this new feature when operations begin at the new London Heathrow Terminal 2 in 2014, which is equipped with SBGs.

Embark is the most widely adopted automated boarding system in the world, supporting over 50 airlines around the globe and with more being added regularly . Embark is certified for use on all major Common Use platforms and with SBGs from major manufacturers, including Kaba and Boon Edam.

If you have invested in Self Boarding Gates and want to maximise their use then contact us immediately to find out how we can help.

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