Airport Passenger Service Systems & ICT Solutions for the Aviation Industry

Date 22.12.2010

With the current chaos in much of Western Europe, Christmas does not look good for many passengers. As many of us have experienced in the past, a canceled flight leads to anxious passengers and a great deal more work for agents.

The flexibility built into our solutions allows customers to quickly adapt to circumstances that arise out of the ordinary. Even though companies have procedures in place in case something goes wrong, competing systems often fail to accommodate last minute changes.

Today, we have been able to setup new carriers and charters on Ink DCS in a matter of minutes to handle rescue flights,  transfers and diverted flights across multiple airports. This has meant that stressed passengers can now be processed quickly to minimise the disruption on their itineraries.

One of the many benefits of Ink DCS™ is the ability to transfer groups of passengers between flights with a few clicks. Agents are also able to switch passengers between carries hosted in Ink DCS™, making the entire transfer process as seamless as it can be.

Handle disrupted flights in much less time with much less hassle.