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Company Lindner Group
Date 07.05.2013

In summer 2011, Lindner Group was commissioned to provide the facade of a new service centre for the company Losinger Marazzi AG. Installation began in November and was completed in April 2012. The total area of Lindner facades installed on this office building is 4,800 m².

Scope of works

Facade types and scope

  • 4,800 m² bespoke Lindner facade, surface powder coated
  • 900 individual facade elements including sunblinds
  • Rain screens
  • Ceiling area
  • Maximum sound insulation performance of R‘w = 46 dB
  • Overall facade U-value (Ucw) of 1.0 W/m²K
  • 180 kg vent-opening elements with non-visible hinges

Technical details

In order to provide sufficient stability against the vibrations caused by passing trains, the sunblinds were innovatively integrated into the facade profile. As cleaning from the outside adjacent to the railway is not permitted, every element is openable for cleaning purposes, with the hinges being cleverly hidden in the element. As well as the standard facade bracket, customized brackets were also designed to avoid clashing with the building‘s columns.


The panels at the ends of the building are fully glazed black enameled panels. Installation of elements started in January 2012 and was completed in April 2012, with work continuing uninterrupted during the coldest months in temperatures below -10°C.

DLZ Nautilus, Bern

Client: Losinger Marazzi AG Project
Architect: Mlzd, Bienne
Facade planning: Reba Fassadentechnik AG, Chur
Completion date: 2012
Images: © Pascal Meyer


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