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Company Lindner Group
Date 31.05.2013

Lindner specially developed a ceiling system for the Allianz Suisse headquarters in Wallisellen, Switzerland: the Plafotherm® heated/chilled ceiling with concrete core activation and a concealed supply air system within the ceiling void.

The company headquarters are located at the Richtplatz, once an industrial zone. Several bridges connect the multi-storey building and the low-rise building, thus creating a diverse working environment for the approximately 1,700 employees of the insurance group.

Heating – Cooling – Ventilation

The concrete ceiling is part of the system‘s climate concept and acts as a storage medium. The heat conducting profiles are connected to the concrete ceiling which cools down during the night, thus storing cooling energy. By day, the supply air system transforms the stored cooling energy into cold air that seeps through the perforation of the ceiling panel and cools down the room below.

However, it was not only the system’s elaborate technology, but also its impressive design that left a lasting impression on the judges. Wiel Artes Architects opted for an interior concept that features an embossed metal ceiling with three-dimensional effects and creates a comfortable working environment. The ornamented ceiling brings to mind traditional stucco ceilings or painted overhangs and has many advantages:

Thanks to their extraordinary texture, the panels are extremely rigid and even very large ones do not deflect. The ventilation components are not installed on the underside of the ceiling and do therefore not disturb the harmony of the design. Instead, waste air gets sucked out through a joint. Each panel is particularly easy to remove in case of maintenance and may be furnished with heating/cooling meanders.

It was the 14th time that two certain architectural journals awarded the Innovation Award for Architecture and Technology on the occasion of the ISH 2013 and in cooperation with the Messe Frankfurt. The competition was open to architects and designers as well as industrial concerns and manufacturing companies in the field of sanitation and HVAC. Lindner was proud to submit the customised Plafotherm® heated/chilled ceiling with concrete core activation and a concealed supply air system within the ceiling void. The sophisticated technology and the elegant design of the ceiling panel won favour with the jury which placed Lindner in the top category.


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