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Company Falck Airport RFFS
Date 18.11.2011
Cheap to put out fires in Denmark
According to the newest edition of World Fire Statistics recently published by The Geneva Assosciation, Denmark is among the cheapest countries in the western world concerning fire service expenses.

The organization offers this explanation of the low fire services expenses in Denmark. 
” The low Danish figures might reflect the success of the privately owned Falck fire services, which, as of 2010, is responsible for fire services in roughly 65 per cent of Danish municipatities (and is expanding globally), whose expenses are kept down by combining them with ambulance, road brakdown, and rescue services operating from the same buildings.”

The report measures expenses for fire services in proportion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 15 countries. The price for fire services in Denmark is lower than e.g. Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Holland and Poland, while the two cheapest countries are Slovenia and the city-state Singapore.


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