Airport Runway and Road Surface Treatments, Marking Removal and Friction Testing

Company RCS Contracting GmbH
Date 02.08.2011

“Airports need reliable partner” that’s a slogan of ACI. RCS Contracting is proud to say that we are a gold member of the ACI World Business Partners.

Airports Council International (ACI) is the association of the world’s airports. ACI has 575 members operating over 1633 airports in 179 countries and territories. These members represent over 96 per cent of the world’s passenger traffic.

Airports require a wide diversity of partners to develop their business opportunities efficiently. Therefore, one main purpose of the organization is to foster cooperation amongst airports, world aviation organisations and business partners. This contributes to an air transport system that is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible.

RCS Contracting perfectly meets these requirements: Firstly by the service of friction coefficient measurement and secondly by the removal of rubber and oil. This is necessary to avoid the danger of skidding resulting from slippery runways and to ensure the highest possible degree of safety during landing. By means of the friction testing unit – Mu Meter FT256 – RCS Contracting offers the realisation of friction coefficient measurements and classifications (in accordance to ICAO FAA Annex 14 and Civil Aviation Authority CAP 683) before the surface reaches the critical limit. To remove rubber and other residues afterwards the most innovative, environment-friendly and efficient Runway Cleaner, the ARC 1000® is used. This Runway Cleaner is cleaning the surface solely by water and withdraws the entire residues by suction. The performance depends on the assignment and varies from 1,200 to 3,500 m²/h, which is in all cases an excellent result. To handle the waste water afterwards we use a special designed filter container which is able to separate the debris and the water. Furthermore we also offer the service to take care of the proper disposal of waste.

An innovative idea and new technologies that is what RCS contracting provides in this partnership. On the other hand RCS gains more influence to the “Voice of the Worlds Airports” as ACI is also called. In regular conferences and exhibitions of the industry and airport executives we want to play an active role by helping to develop and promote new standards and policies. With the help of this cooperation we also want to get knowledge about the airports needs so that we can constantly improve our service to our customers – the airports.


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