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Company OCS
Date 14.11.2011

OCS Assistant Facilities Manager, Sundeep Patel, recently received a Royal Humane Society Award at a New Scotland Yard ceremony for his part in saving someone’s life at Heathrow Terminal 3. 

Last year, although on a rest day, Sundeep was in the Terminal catching up with paper work.  Whilst there, he noticed a small crowd forming outside the Arrivals area.  Sundeep realised that a passenger had suffered a heart attack and required urgent medical attention.  He and another gentleman at the scene were the first people to step in, acting quickly to perform CPR and offer comfort to the passenger.  Sundeep immediately alerted the airport management who called for an ambulance.  The paramedics soon arrived and took over the situation, stabilising the passenger and eventually taking him to hospital.  It was later reported that the passenger had made a full recovery.

L-R: Acting Police Commissioner Tim Godwin OBE PQM with Sundeep Patel
L-R: Acting Police Commissioner Tim Godwin OBE PQM with Sundeep Patel

In September this year, Sundeep received a letter from the police which explained that the gentleman who had worked with Sundeep to support the sick passenger was an off duty policeman.  He had reported Sundeep’s quick-thinking and actions to his colleagues.  As a result, Sundeep was invited to an awards ceremony at New Scotland Yard where he received a Royal Humane Society award from Acting Police Commissioner Tim Godwin OBE PQM. 

Eddie Ratcliffe, Operations Director for OCS, commented: “Sundeep is a fantastic example of OCS staff going above and beyond the call of duty.  I am very pleased that he has received the recognition he deserves.”


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