Airport Video Information Systems

Company Telemedium / Teleportel
Date 15.05.2013

Teleportel – active in video communication since 2001-  specialist in Airport Information Systems is proud to announce the Self Service Information Kiosk.                                                                 

The Self Service Information Kiosk is changing the way passengers are informed at airports. No service agents are involved. The Kiosk covers the lionshare of the passengers requests. This innovative solution offers instant, easy-to-access and up-to-date information at a low cost.

ASSIST™ (Airport and Station Service and Information System for Travelers ) is a complete  Information  Suite of solutions enabling  airports, stations, airlines and passengers’ service providers to expand their scope to include interactive, video communications with the passengers. Compelling benefits include : optimal use of back office staff, low cost of ownership, total acceptance by passengers and  limited space requirements. This results in immediate, lasting cost savings, higher productivity and improved passenger service.

Today, a new member of ASSIST, the Airport Information Suite ™ has been announced.

On an easy-to-use touchscreen, the passenger selects the prefered language and chooses from a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. However, the information can also include unexpected events: strikes, crashes, security alterts, etc…

Alternatively, the passenger can also use the boarding pass to access the ‘GateFinder  facility’ of the Self-Service Kiosk. In response to the boarding pass, the Kiosk provides instant Information such as boarding time, the route, time to get there, etc.. The passenger uses the ‘classic’ boarding pass or the smartphone with the scan code.

The Information provided to the passenger can be in the form of pre-recorded video images. Or it could simply show the lay-out of ‘how to get there’ on the main display. The  map could be printed out too. On the ‘itinerary’, additional information such as location of toilets, promotional information, etc… can be added if required.

The Kiosk is permanently in communication with the central database of the Airport or the Airline. As a result, it will provide the most up-to-date  information at any time. Updating new information is completely automatic but it can also be done ad-hoc and manually by a staff member; on-the-fly.

The system measures and reports the utilization of the Kiosks and customer satisfaction ratings. Using this information, the content and the Information processes can be continuously improved. This tightens the management control and aids to control service quality levels and costs.


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