Aldo Bertoldi: the metamorphosis of a brand

Company Bertoldi Aldo Srl
Date 20.11.2018

Realise over 60 years of history by creating a contemporary mood for your brand: this is the operation recently completed by Bertoldi Aldo, a thirty-year-old leading company in the marketing of trolleys for large-scale distribution, and in particular for food distribution.

A repositioning process undertaken by Bertoldi Aldo to integrate the new technological services, proposed in partnership with other companies, to its own brand and to re-enter the market in a more current way. This has involved both a strategic and a creative approach, while maintaining the core business of the sale of trolleys and associated service activities.

The starting point, represented by a company like Aldo Bertoldi that over time has earned a solid reputation for reliability and professionalism, has evolved to promote a reality that no longer distributes only trolleys for transport but sells technological “Smart” objects, capable of generating data and information for the point of sale and sophisticated marketing operations.

Operationally, the company, in collaboration with the Advisionair agency, has worked on several levels.

He reinvented the new brand, with the most modern shapes and colors. The new branding simultaneously summarizes visually three essential concepts for the company: the initials Aldo Bertoldi, the circular shapes that recall the wheels of the cart, the brand’s core business, and the allusion to the infinity symbol, as the infinite solutions of products that the company offers.

He opted for a more descriptive payoff that contains the new mission of the company, that is the three categories – carts, technology, services – graphically identifiable, which collect all the commercial proposal.

Finally, the restyling of the website was finished, aimed at conveying the new brand in a clearer, more impactful and attractive way, thus conveying a contemporary mood towards the future and in line with the spirit of Aldo Bertoldi.


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