ALSTEF awarded contract by Groupe ADP to supply and install baggage sorting system

Company ALSTEF Automation S.A.
Date 27.03.2018

ALSTEF was awarded by Groupe ADP the contract to supply and install a baggage sorting system as part of the project to renovate Terminal 2B and expand the connection between Terminals 2B and 2D at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The issues at stake are to Increase passenger capacity and make the processing of Schengen and International flights more flexible.

The adapted solution proposed by ALSTEF includes fifty check-in counters, a line with a discontinuous conveyor for processing oversize bags, three Standard 3 baggage screening machines, and a complementary screening machine. At the departures level, baggage sorting is ensured by one high-speed carousel with pushers and 2 flat plate carousels. At arrivals, the sorting system includes 5 inclined carousels and processes oversize bags. Platforms, lighting, floor and vertical signage are also included in the contract.

Complete commissioning of the system is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. An 8-year operational maintenance contract is associated with this implementation contract. A strong proposal for relevant adapted solutions and an integrated expertise in maintenance are the main assets that made Groupe ADP decide to select and retain ALSTEF.


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