Ammeraal Beltech joins Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023

Company Ammeraal Beltech
Date 06.03.2023

Ammeraal Beltech, a member of AMMEGA Group and a leader in conveying solutions, joins Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023. The event is held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 14 to 16 March. At Ammeraal Beltech booth, you will experience the company’s innovations for the airport industry designed to reduce noise and power consumption.

What is Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023?

Passenger Terminal EXPO is an event that brings together professionals from the airport and airline industries to showcase the latest technologies, products, and services related to airport operations. Each year it attracts over 10 000 visitors from around 130 countries, which makes it a perfect place for networking and exchange of ideas. If you’re going to visit Amsterdam this year, be ready to learn about the best practices in the market and receive insights on where the aviation industry is heading.

Discover Ammeraal Beltech portfolio

Ammeraal Beltech has been providing solutions to the airport industry for decades and understands its continuous focus on innovation, mobility, customer service, and the environment. Their expertise in sustainability and energy savings makes them perfect partners for collaboration.

The company is known for the energy saving concept which enables airports to lower power consumption and operational costs through the right selection of belt, design of a conveyor, and motor drive system. Simplifying conveyors, reducing friction and surface resistance, choosing proper undersides, and replacing heavy belts with lightweight solutions can help reduce energy requirements and enhance the efficiency of procedures.

At Ammeraal Beltech booth, you will be able to experience a wide product portfolio, including AMMdurance – the solution reducing friction between the belt and the underlying machinery. AMMdurance results in reduced power usage and, combined with a special deck, can lower energy consumption even by up to 27% in comparison with standard solutions. It also provides less noise, longer service life, reduced ecological footprint, and minimised maintenance and downtime.

Moreover, at the show, the company will present the concept of belts with fabrics obtained from PET bottles. Their production induces smaller carbon dioxide emissions and requires less water and energy. The quality of performance, however, stays intact.

Visit Ammeraal Beltech booth!

Visit Ammeraal Beltech at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 and let them optimise your operations. The team is ready to discuss solutions tailored to your applications.


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