Arconas Releases New Publication, 'Connections'

Date 13.08.2019

Arconas, a leading manufacturer and distributor of furniture for airports and passenger terminals, is pleased to announce the release of its new publication, ‘Connections’.

The 42-page guide features a curated selection of articles to inspire readers with the latest passenger terminal furniture trends, including:

Powering Up Passengers: How to incorporate the latest technology, such as wireless charging, to enhance the passenger experience

Universal Design: Making transportation terminals more universally accessible and barrier free with the right furniture

Liquid Disposal Bin: A hygienic and easy-to-use solution for emptying bottles in security areas

‘Connections’ also delves into the physical and intangible influences travelers encounter as they make their journey through a terminal. Arconas understands the importance of creating a memorable and comfortable on-the-ground experience to enhance the passenger experience.

An electronic copy of ‘Connections’ can be viewed here.




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