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Date 09.02.2010

February 9, 2010

Annapolis, Maryland—ARINC Engineering Services, LLC today introduced a breakthrough in PC-based aircraft maintenance training systems. The low-cost ARINC MxSIMTM simulator meets both military and commercial training requirements with a wider choice of features and capabilities than any similar maintenance training system.

The ARINC MxSIM simulator is a software-intensive maintenance training system, using touch screen virtual instrument mockups and/or simulated aircraft components (functional equipment mock-ups) supported by the same software models to represent on-board aircraft systems in real time. The modular technology can be configured to support high fidelity (hardware-based) training, virtual-hardware training, and task-based classroom training and instruction.

The design includes user-controlled update rates and scheduling on a PC platform with high speed PXI interface, touch graphics displays, video and audio as required.

“The MxSIM system is easily configured as a robust integrated systems trainer, or for part-task trainer applications,” states Daniel Shearer, ARINC Director, Engineering Services and Training Systems. “It is based on a reusable open architecture with COTS computational hardware, making it affordable, adaptable, and easily upgradable.”

The MxSIM training system environment enables maintainer system qualification, a major plus in supporting today’s warfighter, while also satisfying commercial aviation training requirements. The design provides intuitive full simulation control, on-the-fly diagnostics, student action monitoring and reporting, free-play operation, scenario-based operation, malfunction insertion, freeze, reset, record, playback, and lesson plan development capability. The open architecture makes it easily adaptable to work with other military and commercial maintenance training devices and procedures trainers.

MxSIM technology can be extended for virtual training, computer-based training, and interactive multi-media instruction. A Virtual MxSIMTM solution will support familiarization, cognitive, and practice-oriented training, greatly reducing hands-on equipment time, and will be configurable as a self-paced or instructor-led training tool.

A real equipment-based Hybrid MxSIMTM under development will be capable of using fully-integrated weapon system operational flight programs (OFPs) and hardware, to closely resemble the actual aircraft in form and function. Hardware of prime concern to the maintainer will be simulated and housed in replica or actual aircraft compartments. This design will also accommodate simulated equipment of peripheral interface systems and redundant systems. The aircraft OFP and equipment will be updated and supported within the aircraft spares inventory pipeline, saving maintenance and update costs.

ARINC Engineering Services, LLC supports the USAF C-5 and F-15C maintenance trainers, and has developed level I and II computer-based training products for avionics operation and maintenance training on the C-9, C-130, KC-10, C-141 and other aircraft.

ARINC Incorporated, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, provides communications, engineering and integration solutions for commercial, defense and government customers worldwide. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland with regional headquarters in London and Singapore, ARINC is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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